Thomas Garrison

Front-End Developer with a love of Accessibility and books

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I am a front-end developer with a background in industrial management. I’m a hardworking, innovative thinker and problem solver as well as a positive team-player who can also work well independently. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to bring people together cooperatively and help a team unite and thrive as we strive towards a common goal. I am a firm believer that a quality team is far more than the sum of its parts.


If He Cared


Can the ultra wealthy make more of an impact? if so how much? well i made this App to help conceptualize it. Fill out the quiz and see how the thing that are important to you can be benefitted by obscene amounts of money!

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example of the If he cared site.

what to watch?


Overwhelmed by the idea of picking a movie tonight? Well, we’re here for you! A fully responsive site only lives to condense your preferences and make your life easier. Select your genre and form of entertainment to view a narrowed selection of 20.

My Team!

example of the What to watch? site.

the grimoire

HTML/CSS/React/REST API/Firebase

Having trouble keeping track of your spells in your D&D campaign? Look no further! Use this fully responsive app and reference your spells with your own personal spellbook.

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example of the grimior site


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Sass

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Firebase

  • React

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • Accessibility

a selection of great books:

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